Terms and Conditions

  • The pool owner is responsible for the registration of their pool and providing Adam’s Pool Fence Inspections Victoria the correct construction date of the pool as determined by council.
  • Once the pool owner has engaged our services, they must give hours notice in writing eg text message or email to cancel engagement with Adam’s Pool Fence Inspections.
  • Once engagement of our services is confirmed between the pool owner and Adam’s Pool Fence Inspections Victoria, the pool owner cannot change pool barrier/fence inspectors.
  • Adam’s Pool Fence Inspections Victoria cannot take over inspections from another inspector, if that inspector has already carried out an initial inspection. It’s a breach of Victoria Building Authority rules.
  • Payment may be made for services provided by Adams Pool Fence Inspections Victoria, either in cash, by credit card on our website or by direct debit.
  • Adam’s Pool Fence Inspections Victoria will at all times work with the pool owner to ensure compliance and overall safety of the pool barrier is obtained.
  • The pool owner is expected to meet the timelines of the inspectors from Adam’s Pool Fence Inspections for maintenance and required repair work to obtain compliance.