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Inspection of your pool.

If your pool barrier is not compliant on first inspection, our inspectors will give cost-free advice on how to obtain compliance & organise a FREE follow up inspection.

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Dear Customer,

We have received information that some councils may be issuing fines for not providing council with a pool barrier certificate of compliance by your pool/spa due date (most possibly 01 June 2023).

In order to prevent issues with council into the future, we recommend making contact with your council and advising them that you have engaged a pool barrier inspector and have been provided up to 60 days to achieve compliance. If necessary, the council may extend your compliance due date.

If you first inspection hasnt already occurred you should notify your council of your inspection date and provide them with your booking confirmation email if requested. Should you or your council have any concerns or questions regarding this, please contact us or ask the council to contact us directly.

Cheers Adam

Adam’s Pool Fence Inspections